It’s Been A Really Long Time~!!!!!!!

Very happy to see everyone. AIREN,how long has this been..? ㅋ

This period of time, I rarely meet everyone ~♪

Really sorry for acting like I am very busy and not visiting here often.

This is the sorrow of being a computer illiterate ah…

During this period of time,there are many things that I’m thankful of everyone,actually even if I couldn’t mention them all one by one,I hope everyone could understand

Especially to all Airens who recently prepared for the 7th debut anniversary,thank you.

From the meticulously prepared staff lunch boxes…to the amazing donations..and even prepared my gifts!

The way to express my gratitude is…………..frequently visit here and leave a message???ㅋㅋ
Although I’m not sure whether I can achieve to everyone’s degree of satisfaction,I will be more hardworking and also learn how to attach pictures ㅋ

The gifts which everyone gave me,I really appreciate them and will make good use of them~!!!!If this continues, I will be an early adopter? ㅋ ( person who embraces new technology before most other people do)

Comics can cultivate my imagination…the socks I can also wear them for 3 days 2 night ㅋㅋ  ( The things above are from his gifts for his 7th debut anniversary^^)

It is going to be the hot summer. Recently it seems that I rested too much,my body is a little stiff…

Am I really a workaholic…??????

During the rest period,I only did sports and exercise…  ㅋ

During the second half of the year, regardless of what type of look that I will be presenting to everyone,in order for everyone to see fresh/new things,all the hook members are racking their brains.

Please wait patiently everyone.Whether it is a new album or new drama,the person who wants to do it the most is me ah…..

If there is any decisions made, I hope that I will use the surprise news method and tell everyoe as soon as possible ^^

Always be happy ,let’s continue to be together!
I love you all…♡

English Translation : lsgairenint  based on chinese trans at baidu tieba, china cafe and Korean version of Seung Gi’s message at

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